Using TX online enrollment will save you hours and hours of work!

Online enrollment

As a part of TX you will get a systemgenerated online enrollment solution. This part of TX has become complete enough to cover practically any requirements you may have. Through the admin-pages you simply customize it to fit your needs. Among the features are:

  • Period based registration fee
  • Discounted fee for selected teams (typically teams to help with the event)
  • Offering services (Accommodation, participation-cards etc.)
  • Invoices received directly by email
  • Economy module including collection and discounts
  • OCR
  • Online payment throug PayPal
  • Notification by email
  • Standby-functionality to avoid overbooking

... from the enrollers point of view

Note: you may customize the solution to your own needs. Described below is a standard layour

  • Enrollers enters the enrollement page via a link on your website . 
  • No login required before entering enrollment
  • The enroller registers his teams and orders appropiate services
  • Players entered immediately or at a later stage
  • The enrollment can be changed until registration deadline.
  • Login information received by email - to be used for changes
  • Invoice sent by email to the enroller.

... from your point of view

As a tournament administrator, you will have complete control over all enrollment data, and you may change all data available, such as:

  • Add, delete or change registrations
  • List all entries
  • Standby-functionality to avoid overbooking
  • Export enrollment data to excel
  • Automatic invoing (reg.fee and services)
  • Ledger
  • Invoice including OCR
  • Collection

The enrollment page for Norway Cup 2013 (above).
Layout and functionality customized by the individual organizers via a separate admin solution.


Initial view for the enrollment administartion pages. Everything you need to gain complete control of the enrollments during the registration period.