With a price range to suit everyone!

Pricing model (including Norwegian VAT)

License Price

  • Licence Price TX  NOK 1250.-.
  • This is a one time installment per organizer per sport. You may install TX on unlimited number of PCs within a license.

Additional fee pr. tournament

  • For participating team no.1 through 50: NOK 25 per team.
  • For participating team no.51 through 500: NOK 38 per team.
  • Note: For events with more than 500 teams; please contact us for a separate offer!
  • Note: If you host more than a few events a year; please contact us for a separate offer!


  • You host two football-tournaments a year. A small one in the spring, a larger one in the autumn
  • You pay NOK 1250,- for your TX-licence.
  • Spring-tournament - 60 teams.
    You pay 50*25,- + 10*38,- = NOK 1630.-
  • Autumn-tournament  - 130 teams.
    You pay 50*25,- + 80*38,- = NOK 4290.-
  • This (first) year you pay NOK 7170.-.
    The next (second) year,  you pay  NOK 5920.- (no license fee)

Additional modules:

Econonmy module including invoicing, collection and discounts
  • Pr team, additional NOK 5,-
Econonmy module including invoicing, collection, discounts and OCR
  • Pr team, additional NOK 20,-