Online enrollment

As a part of TX, the tournament get its own online enrollment. The solution should cover pratically any need you may have. Through a integrated online admin solution, you customize the registration as it suits you. To mention a few:

  • Period based registration fee
  • Discounted fee for selected teams (e.g. teams helping with the tournament)
  • Offering services (e.g. accomodation, A-cards, etc)
  • Invoices sent immediately by email
  • Economy module with ledger and collection
  • OCR
  • Online payment through PayPal
  • Notification by email as teams are entered
  • Standby system to avoid overbooking

Match scheduling

To ensure that the schedules created by TX is 100% correct, we got SINTEF to develop a mathematical "engine" especially for this purpose.

The "engine"  is called CupCom, and believed to be the only one in the world.

CupCom allows for a match schedule with 100-200 matches to be set up within 2-3 minutes.

Group layout

Based on the number of teams in an ageclass, and the requested number of teams in each gruoup, TX generates the group layout . The algortihtm distributes teams from aclub to different groups..


The playoffs is set up automatically in TX. Based on the number of groups and the number in each group, TX recommends a scheme. You are free to customize the setup the way you lik

Time constraints

There will always be teams that have requirements (at least wishes) about when to play. TX handles this automatically after you have set up the constraints. Constraints can be set at different levels: club, team, group, class and field..


Results are entered online or directly in TX. Either way, the TX and website sync automatically. Many organizers prefer reulsts to be entered online, because you avoid software installation. In addition, more people can register results simultaneously.


Matches are displayed graphically after CupCom have distributed them. Now it's easy to move a game, simply by drag and drop.


By zooming in the level of information increases. Matches are shown with different colors, such as a separate color for each class.

Here is one example of match schedule with 1800 matches.
(Fredrikstad cup 2015)