Download and try TX. Free of charge!

Installing TX

Once installed:

The first step is to order your TX license -  done directly from the TX startup window. Look for "Order license". Once done - use the wizard to create your first tournament.
Note: The license is received immediately.


We recommend to look into our video site found under support link:


You find documentation here: http://www.profixio.com/setup/help/tx/index.htm


Software and hardware requirements

  • TX may be installed on a computer running Windows XP or later.
  • Access to the Internet is required for creating the online enrollment
  • You may have to set up your firewall to allow TX to send and receive data
  • TX has its own printing system. No need for Word, Excel, PDF.....
  • Note: TX will not run on a Mac without having installed some kind of "Windows shell"