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License Module

  • Period-Based Licensing
  • Billing licenses via email
  • Overview per club
  • List approved players
  • Import players from central data repository

Organization Module

  • Clubs and Regions maintains its own data
  • Userpermissions are granted by the individual club / region
  • Referee-administration
  • Check for duplicates

League Module

  • Match-scheduling
  • Result Registration
  • Table layout and -calculation
  • Livescore
  • Refreree administration
  • Notification by email in case of changes
  • Automatic invoicing
  • License check


  • Web-based application system.
  • Regulations in accordance with federation regulations.
  • Club Approval.
  • Billing.
  • Choice of different types of transfer

Events Module

  • Events created by the federation, or by the club seeking to hold an event.
  • Events approved by the fedration
  • All events listed in the schedule
  • Of course closely integrated with TX for enrollment, match scheduling, results.....

Ranking module

Perhaps the most time-saving module for some federations. FX calculates and displays individual ranking-tables once results have been registered and approved.

  • Individual ranking
  • Team ranking
  • List the basis and calcluation of rankingpoints